Feature Based Design

AMPreVA feature based environment enables the rapid configuration and detailing of pressure vessels. Includes generation of 3D detailed geometry, elevation, fabrication, and assembly drawings, purchased BOM, layout patterns, end cuts, detailed production cost estimation, and FEA models.

Vessel Designs

AMPreVA supports a wide range of vessel designs and configurations including horizontal vessels, vertical vessels, and columns with a comprehensive set of features, internal & external appurtenances.

Layout & Fab Drawings

Flat roll out, templates for manual cutouts, output for NC machines, and generation of shell weld map details are supported. 3D geometry, drawings, bill of materials, weights, and cost data can be edited within AMPreVA or exported.

Rapid Configuration & Detailing

From configuration and design to 3D geometry, bill of materials, purcahse list, cost calculation, and to-scale fabrication and layout drawings, in two hours.